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Ocean's Depths Update - 1.22


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    Yes, the oceans feel out of date and in need of new features and there is more room for features for Minecraft to add. The oceans don't add any real challenges except the Guardians but it is a rare find and the Guardians aren't really a challenge. I totally agree with the Barnacle being added it was such a good concept with a unique feature (pulling you under water and drowning you) features like these should be put into the game because it makes it more of a challenge and reason to go into the ocean. And yes there should be new biomes in the ocean. There is only like 4 all the same except the coral reefs and I think there should be a biome called the deep oceans with new mobs like the angler fish. Sorry for writing a lot I was just going to post something like this soon. Thanks for stealing my idea lol.