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"Cooldown" Component


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    Basically something like this below as a new data structure that could be referenced in components

    "components": {
                "cooldown": {
                  "amount": 40,
                  "trigger": "minecraft:consume_item"
                  "match": "#my_custom_tag:that_sets_a_new_cooldown_for_all_items_with_that_tag


    Where acceptable triggers are: use, place, attack, consume
    And an optional matching item tag cause map makers use items with different data but the same id and you do not always want all your custom items to be on cool down at once just because they share the same id.
    Maybe the game should handle what times cool down "together" via tags in general.
    This would for example allow players to modify the hypothetical goat horn tag that all goat horn would share in vanilla and separate them into their own tags.

    Additionally there could be a player attribute minecraft:generic.cooldown.multiplier (or something like that) and additional cooldown attributes definable per item tag not sure how easy that is to implement. But as soon as cooldown would defined via its own data structure (maybe even totally separated from discrete component values put on items and just referring a new type of data structure that player cad define (like advancements and predicates, etc) datapack makers would have so many more options on how much cooldown what items should have and when.