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Villager rebalance in 1.20.2


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    I agree with you.  All the work and effort put into getting to all the biomes to find the enchanged books and not to get to the highest levels was disappointing.  Then when i did all the extra work to get multiple books to combine to find out that it became "too expensive" to make end game armor was really disappointing.  

    At first I was okay this will take some effort to get all the books to combine to the levels I am wanting, and then totally deflated when i could not add these levels to my armor to get my end game armor.  Was really disappointing. 

    Upgrading the ability to be able to utilize these books would be ideal.  Since we go thru the effort to gather the items needed to trade, the XP needed to combine to level up and apply, and continuing to replace the anvil....where is the reward for all the effort working in all the biomes we are traveling to and fro?  

    Thanks for listening to our feed back.