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New golems


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    Es buena idea 

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    Golems pop up often, somehow even though it's been repeatedly reposted, I think Mojang wants to ensure every new mob fulfills a niche or new purpose though, which is why you have to go modded to get a variety of combat golems. After seeing the Tuff and Copper golem, I wager Mojang is looking to balance golems with some action/cost to maintain them. 

    I agree some new golems should be added, combat wise maybe a better-ranged golem (snow is too fragile) but to balance it has to be restocked by the player with ammunition. Which also gives it some variety in what it can shoot.

    However, beyond that niche, you are looking at ways to have golems reduce grind in a magical automation way, which can be balanced by a loss of durability/repairing, rest periods, or fueling like mechanic.