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Nether roof


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    Nonsense. The Nether is 128 blocks high with a tech limit of 256. It would be correct to just make the Nether 256 blocks high.

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    It's honestly bs that u won't allow us to do this on bedrock yet it's a feature on Java it's honestly ridiculous let us play the game the way we want after all the community has spoken and we all want this

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    minecraft is a sandbox game where players can do almost everything so why can't we build in the nether roof.. and it's not like it would break the game.. the nether sky color is cool and match some buildings.. also if you want players to explore give them different ways to tracvel.. you already took the horse in a boat which will help us explore with our horses in the overworld so give us something else that help us travel faster.. i know there is the eleytra but come on it's a end-game item that we can't get in the start

    minecarts are great but not enough horses got nerfed boats are only good in water

    pigs are the best maybe but thier health is kinda a disadvantage so please give us more travling methods that we can rely on and have fun using

    i forgot the camel which is great for servers but can we put it in a boat? i am not sure