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Three types of Owls


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    Going forward, lets keep suggestions focused on a single idea per post: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360003401232-Posting-Guidelines

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    I almost never come across an idea for a new mob that I like, but this is one of them. You've told us everything we would need to know about the mob, and you've integrated it into the current game very well. Nicely done.

    The only suggestion I have to make is that owls should probably prefer to stay above ground. That way, they can only help you on the surface, not caves. It also makes sense considering owl's normal behaviors (or at least, so I think!).

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    Also ther can be “forest owls” which are really barn owls and tawny owls and ther can be snowy owls and burrowing a

    owls which can dig and owls should have 8 or 10 or 20 health plus elf and Pygmy owls will not be detected by monsters until they attack also they will eat snake and fish Owl it attacks fish and owls will ride phantoms if there are phantoms the phantoms will be attcaked by owls but really good idea they should deal 3-6 damage depending on age 

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    Nooooo wait How about the Barn Owls

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    I really like Ur idea mate. N I would like to add in n suggest another type of owl i.e.- the endangered snowy owl found exclusively in snowy mountains or in snowy Taiga biomes. They may also be given a use once tamed like being able to help communicate with other players by able to carry books signed in the name of the recipient. This would add a whole new perspective towards multiplayer gaming...

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    I think a good owl to use for the desert would be a burrowing owl.

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    DankyoRatokaD commented

    More birds in the game would be great!

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    oh I wrote about the same thing, I didn't realize you had done it too sorry 

    ps a good desert owl would be the elf owl 

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    Owls: these should be in taiga biomes, snow biomes and desert biomes. The taiga biome owl would be based around the great horned owl .The snow biome have snowy owls. And in the desert biome have and elf owl, it would be cool if they nested in cacti like they do in their natural habitat so have a different cactus texture that looked like a hole in the cactus and when it turned to night the owl would fly out.They make a hooting noise when not flying and a very, very quiet churr, churr, churr  noise when flying. The big ones would be would be 1.5 blocks high and one block wide either way and the small one (Elf owl in desert) would be one block high and one block wide either way. They would attack rabbits on sight and you will be able to tame them with rabbit meat  and if you do they can bring you rabbit meat if they are in the right biome, sort of like foxes. After you tame them you can make them perch on your shoulder like you do parrots. If you are in the right biome to get rabbits, make the owl perch on your shoulder and then send it out hunting, it will only do so at a specific time of day (in the dawn/dusk hours) and then it will bring you back rabbit meat in about 30 sec-2 mins and then it will land in front of you and drop the rabbit meat. The reason I want them is that I think that they will be a nice addition to the game adding a nice atmosphere being useful by being tamed.

    So I hope you add owls and this made sense, so goodbye for the present 

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    mocharules12 commented

    I love owls maybe barn owls in villages?