Minecraft Xbox One/Windows 10/Android Beta - 1.2.10

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  • Many screens now respond when a button is pressed instead of released so they now feel extra responsive
  • Gamepad cursor sensitivity can now be adjusted in Controller settings
  • Falling on Hay Bales now reduces fall damage
  • Increased tick radius range, which can be adjusted when creating or editing a world
  • Owned skin packs will now appear at the top of the Skin Picker
  • Purchased content will now auto-update, which can be toggled in Profile settings
  • Adjusted vertical look acceleration when using a controller
  • Made it easier to invite friends to games by pressing X on the invite screen

Bug Fixes:
  • Crashes/Performance
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating multiple worlds of Relics of the Privateers
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when uploading a screenshot to a Club and losing internet connection
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when using CTRL+MMB on a signed, written book contained in an item frame
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when quickly entering and leaving the marketplace
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when the host leaves their world and another player is looking in a chest
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when a double chest is split using pistons and items are placed or taken from the half that was not moved
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when navigating menus using the D-pad and mouse simultaneously

  • General
    • The game is once again playable on Windows 10 Mobile when using an Xbox One controller
    • The 'Beam Me Up' achievement can once again be unlocked
    • Viewing the presence on a player profile will now be accurate when playing split-screen
    • Custom skins with uppercase '.PNG' extensions are now recognized in Windows 10
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Realms from being renewed
    • The achievement screen will now show the most recent status without having to close and reopen the game

  • Gameplay
    • Fixed the hunger bar not filling up in converted Xbox One worlds
    • Empty glass bottles can now be filled with water from a cauldron in Creative mode
    • Falling on a slime block while sneaking will now properly inflict fall damage
    • For Book & Quill, the "Sign and Close" button is no longer active if a name has not been entered
    • Maps can now be held simultaneously in the main hand and offhand
    • Fixed spawn points not moving when obstructed by lava
    • Double ferns will now appear in Mega Taigas
    • The starting maps for Old Worlds are now zoomed in to level 1/4
    • Map items in converted Xbox One worlds now have the proper alignment
    • Breaking a Beacon with Silk Touch no longer drops two Beacons
    • Breaking a Cauldron, Beacon, or Daylight Sensor with Silk Touch no longer drops two of each item
    • Breaking an Ender Chest with Silk Touch will no longer drop Obsidian
    • Protection enchantment will no longer make players immune to fire damage
    • Anvils now drop as items when falling on torches
    • Minecarts no longer collide with adjacent minecarts on separate tracks
    • When elevated, directional blocks now always face upwards, regardless of the player's coordinates
    • Fixed the spawning of abandoned mineshafts so they don't generate together in a single, massive cluster
    • Stone slabs and cobblestone walls now have the proper blast resistance
    • Maps will no longer show a green marker only for the last map that was placed in an item frame
    • Activating sneak in one world and quitting no longer causes the player to spawn sneaking in in every other world
    • Pressing Open Chat together with Place Block on controller no longer causes Place Block action to loop
    • Crops will now pop out of the ground if the light level is 7 or lower
    • Eyes of Ender and '/locate' will now point to the right location of a Stronghold
    • Fixed fire spreading from covered lava
    • Fixed Pick Block replacing currently selected hotbar slot, even if other slots were empty
    • Exploding Creepers and beds in the Nether can no longer ignite TNT in worlds that have 'TNT Explodes' turned off
    • Vines can no longer be placed invisibly under leaf blocks
    • Fixed items losing durability when used on other players and the PvP game rule is disabled
    • Bows will now inflict the same amount of damage to players and mobs
    • Starting Map and Bonus Chest can no longer be toggled for template worlds
    • Repeatedly teleporting TNT vertically will no longer separate the visual block from its explosive location

  • Redstone
    • Fixed Redstone not powering horizontally adjacent blocks
    • Hoppers and Droppers can no longer put any item inside a Jukebox
    • Burned out Redstone torches will no longer reactivate until they receive a block update or are replaced
    • Minecart with Hopper can no longer duplicate items
    • Minecart with Hopper and TNT will no longer shake on Activator Rails
    • Renamed Shulker Boxes, minecarts, boats, and arrows no longer lose their names when fired from a dispenser
    • Daylight Sensors can no longer generate power in the Nether
    • Shulker Boxes will no longer be dispensed as items if the dispenser is obstructed
    • Undyed Shulker Boxes can no longer be placed inside other Shulker Boxes using hoppers and droppers
    • Rails can no longer be duplicated when pulled by two pistons simultaneously
    • Mobs in minecarts no longer activate rails next to them as they try to walk

  • Mobs
    • Baby chickens no longer get stuck in the corners of fences
    • Elder Guardian and Zombie Villager eggs can now be obtained with Pick Block in Creative mode
    • Endermen that are aggravated will now take fall damage as they should, no longer breaking Ender Pearl farms
    • Increased the spawn rate of slimes
    • Reduced the explosion range of Creepers
    • Fixed mobs shaking while riding in minecarts
    • Horses can no longer be steered in deep water
    • Llamas now form a caravan when following Llamas on a Lead instead of acting silly and running around in circles
    • Mobs no longer view closed doors as valid paths and shouldn't get stuck when trying to walk through them
    • Rabbits will now follow players that are holding carrots and flowers in Survival mode
    • Smaller mobs can no longer trample farmland and crops
    • Fixed medium slimes not dealing damage to players
    • Endermites will no longer suffocate when riding in minecarts and boats that are not on rails or in the water
    • Cartographer Villagers will now give maps for new Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions that are not in known generated chunks
    • Fixed Villager behavior when it's raining so they now disperse to separate houses
    • The Wither will now face the right direction when attacking
    • Pigs being steered using Carrot on a Stick will no longer jump up slab staircases and simply walk up them
    • Fixed flowers that disappeared after being generated with bone meal

  • Crafting
    • Various improvements to selecting items on the Recipe Book with touch screens when using Classic UI
    • Crafting items that used ingredients in the hotbar no longer causes the hotbar to get shuffled when using a controller
    • Jumping on a Horse, Donkey, or Mule while pushing against a wall with items attached to it no longer causes black blocks to appear around the wall
    • Mossy Stone Bricks can no longer be crafted from themselves and no longer results in loss of blocks
    • Enchanted Apples can no longer be crafted
    • Fixed Mojang logo banners not being craftable on a world converted from Xbox One

  • Graphical/Audio
    • Beacons will now shine through lava
    • The moon will no longer graphically stutter when Do Daylight Cycle is disabled
    • Split-screen players will no longer share parts of the sky box backgrounds when they are in separate dimensions
    • Fixed the Wither textures during spawning and death animations
    • Fixed the axe not being attached to Vindicator's hand when attacking
    • Pistons and beds no longer have large visual outlines for a split second when being placed
    • Fixed being able to see through lava when Blindness effect is used
    • Thrown entities no longer play footstep sounds
    • Ender Crystal beam is now centered at the Crystal and not at the fire base
    • The Dragon Head will no longer flicker when using Norse Mythology textures

  • User Interface
    • Enabling the Mute toggle will no longer suppress non-chat messages like players leaving and joining
    • Text can now be properly copied and pasted in text fields when using a keyboard
    • Fixed signs with formatting (§) not being able to create new lines
    • Fixed a rare issue when pressing the A key on the virtual keyboard would delete all other text
    • Reassigning the 'Toggle Perspective' key no longer changes perspective while typing in chat
    • Fixed world names not being editable if they contained over 24 characters
    • Non-functional split-screen options are no longer visible in Settings for VR and mobile devices
    • The oxygen bar is no longer misplaced when getting out of a boat and diving underwater
    • Several improvements to navigating menus while using a controller
    • After cancelling the "Checking Download" prompt, players are now taken back to the world settings screen
    • World save size is now properly reported immediately after saving and exiting
    • The number of worlds on the Worlds tab is no longer overlapped by the world icon
    • Pressing the Menu button on the Xbox One controller will now execute quick commands
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck after posting a screenshot to a Club
    • Changing Screen Safe Area size and GUI scale will now set the proper positions for the hotbar, health, hunger, and paper doll
    • Deleting a world with a colored name no longer has extra colored text in the confirmation prompt
    • Creative menu tabs can now be scrolled using the Right Thumbstick when the 'Hide Gamepad Cursor' option is enabled
    • Store descriptions can now be scrolled on mobile devices
    • Players can no longer accidentally purchase marketplace content from the patch notes screen by repeatedly mashing the A button
    • The player model no longer appears in from the 'Choose New Skin' button
    • Fixed an unhelpful error message when attempting to create a Realm and the "You can create and join clubs" permission is blocked

  • Commands
    • Cloned Banners no longer appear as blank black Banners
    • The "Facing" component of '/teleport' is no longer executed before teleporting a player
    • Redstone Dust can no longer be placed in air, or blocks not suited for it, using commands
    • Players can now be killed using '/kill' when they have a resistance effect of 4 or higher
    • Fixed repeating damage sound and animation when using '/effect' to get health and simultaneously taking damage
    • Players no longer received unknown map items in the offhand slot when using '/replaceitem'
    • The screen will no longer shake when standing on Magma blocks after applying Regeneration effect of 255 or more
    • Banners placed with '/fill' command are no longer random colors on Realms


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