Minecraft Win10/Android Beta - 1.2 Build 1

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New Features:
  • Stained Glass
  • Fireworks (with Elytra boosting!)
  • Parrots
  • Banners
  • Armor Stands
  • Jukebox and music discs
  • Recipe Book
  • Book and Quill
  • Ravines
  • Coarse Dirt
  • New world start options:
    • Starting Map
    • Bonus Chest
    • Trust Players
  • New game rules:
    • TNT Explodes
    • Natural Regeneration
  • Added '/tickingarea' command to create areas that still update when no players are there
  • Player permissions
  • Zombie Villager spawn egg
  • In-game host options
  • New loading screens with funny and helpful tips
  • How to Play screen
  • Remix 3D export functionality (Windows 10 only)

  • Blaze Powder is now needed to fuel brewing stands
  • Ice blocks are now transparent
  • Maps can now be held off-hand and show the heads of players' skins
  • Locator maps now track the owner's position, regardless of dimension
  • Worlds can now be set to Invite Only, Friends Only, or Friends of Friends
  • Various improvements and changes to navigating the user interface
  • Redesigned button mapping and added Pick Block for controllers
  • Render Clouds and Fancy Leaves can now be toggled in Video Settings
  • Skins can now be changed from the pause menu
  • Chat messages can now be muted
  • Items picked up are now animated on the hotbar
  • Stained glass and banners will now spawn on End Cities
  • Increased the default player limit on worlds from 5 to 8 on higher-end devices
  • Block placement speed now matches the player's movement speed
  • Temperature decreases with height and it can now snow at high elevations
  • Observer blocks have updated textures and will now blink red when outputting a redstone pulse
  • Adjusted the color that flashes when mobs are attacked
  • Brick Blocks, Nether Brick Blocks, and Clay Blocks have been renamed to better differentiate from other items
  • Underwater particles
  • Block outline selections and Paper Doll can be toggled in the settings

Bug Fixes:
  • The moon is now properly oriented, while the stars correctly traverse the heavens
  • Ghasts will no longer shoot fireballs from farther than they can be seen
  • Fixed missing walking sounds for mobs
  • Arrows now shake upon impact with blocks
  • Players will no longer burn when standing near lava in the Nether
  • Observer blocks can now detect many more block changes
  • Optimized chunk generation and loading
  • The Lapis Lazuli icon is no longer missing from the Enchantment Table screen
  • Endermen will now drop the blocks they're carrying when they die
  • Wolves tamed by players not present in a session will no longer change their whole body color
  • End rods now give off light particles
  • Increased the strength of the redstone pulse outputted by Observer blocks and they no longer pulse twice when observing a retracting piston
  • Glazed Terracotta now shows proper colors on maps
  • Dandelions can now be crafted into yellow dye when Pocket UI is enabled
  • Fixed quartz pillars not being craftable using Pocket UI
  • Fixed the level up sound not playing for every five levels gained
  • Other players should no longer be seen levitating in their sleep
  • Woodland Mansions will now spawn with birch wood floors instead of oak
  • Witches will now drink Potion of Fire Resistance when standing on Magma blocks
  • Sounds now play when witches drink potions
  • Skeletons, Strays, and Zombie Pigmen now have a chance of spawning with enchanted gear and weapons
  • Skeleton horses can now be saddled
  • Lingering water bottles will now deal damage to Blazes, Endermen, and Snow Golems
  • Only one bucket can be placed in a furnace at a time so buckets will no longer be lost
  • Ghast fireballs can now set obsidian on fire and open Nether portals
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying maps
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the host enters a portal in multiplayer
  • Empty maps can now be combined with a compass on an anvil to create a locator map
  • Fixed the texture of fences in the inventory and in-hand
  • Fishing now uses the proper loot tables to acquire enchanted items and books
  • The available enchants on enchantment tables will no longer revert back to the originally available enchants upon world reload
  • Evokers will no longer attack players on Peaceful difficulty
  • Fixed mobs not attacking Evokers after being attacked by Evokers
  • The proper sound now plays when Evokers are transforming blue sheep
  • Mining speed with Haste II and Efficiency V has been increased to its correct speed
  • Signs can no longer be set on fire
  • The snow golem's face can now only be seen once it's sheered. No peaking!
  • Fixed the hand placement of tools on the inventory screen
  • Text chat can now be opened with controllers and touch screens when sleeping in a bed
  • Players can now go to bed if there are monsters nearby on Peaceful difficulty
  • Colored beds can no longer be dyed using the same color of dye
  • Trapdoors will now open when placed to adjacent, active power sources
  • Fixed names above baby animals being too high
  • The underside of sandstone slabs now have the cracked texture
  • Directional audio will continue to match the player's point of view while standing still
  • Fixed an item duplication issue that occurred when Pocket UI was enabled
  • Mobs will now avoid cacti, fire, and lava
  • Fixed the position of several items when held in the off-hand
  • Players can now spawn into areas occupied by partial blocks
  • Horses can no longer run off when loading a world if they were leashed to a fence
  • Lead knots can now be untied using right-click
  • Lead knots now play a sound when placed
  • Eating and using bows can now be done while riding in a Minecart for maximum multi-tasking!
  • Incrementally zooming out a map and renaming it on an anvil now costs only experience level
  • Particles will now appear when the Ender Dragon uses its dragon's breath attack while perched
  • Fixed graphical issues that sometimes occurred at sunset
  • The cellular data warning message will now appear in Settings when using a controller
  • Singleplayer worlds no longer appear in the Friends tab
  • Anvils will no longer consume the entire input stack when crafting a map
  • Sheared sheep will no longer drop wool when they die
  • Fixed some players appearing invisible in-game when they should not be
  • Fixed a crash when placing Glazed Terracotta with '/fill' and '/setblock' commands
  • Fixed the controller tooltips shown on the inventory screen when placing and taking items
  • Fixed icons stretching in the inventory when Pocket UI was enabled
  • Increased the pace and smoothness of moving up stairs while riding a mob
  • The crosshair now points at the correct block when sneaking
  • Opening and closing the command block screen will no longer activate an observer block
  • Maps, including exploration maps, can now be obtained using the '/give' command
  • Mooshroom now only spawns on Mycelium blocks
  • Mycelium no longer turns into dirt when there's a giant mushroom above it
  • Fixed seeing through stairs, End portal and hoppers when they are placed next to each other
  • Hoppers will no longer intake items from the side when there is a full block above
  • The chat screen can now be closed by pressing Enter when no text is present
  • Fixed milking a cow with the last bucket in a stack not giving milk
  • Players can no longer drink milk instantly after milking a cow
  • Blocks can now be placed on top of fences that have Lead knots attached
  • Explosions near water will now properly deal damage to players and mobs
  • The Wither will no longer play overlapping sounds
  • Items will now be pushed when a transparent block is placed over them
  • Creepers now flash properly when they're about to explode
  • Boats no longer continue to move when the player leaves the boat and a mob is still in it
  • Controller sensitivity is now set to 50 by default
  • The pause button now appears on the HUD (Android Only)
  • Chicken jockeys will no longer sink in the water
  • Players with Op status will now receive messages about commands that were entered by another Op
  • Lingering potions will no longer clip through the player that threw them
  • Block highlighting will no longer appear when Hide GUI is enabled
  • Different top slab types no longer override each other
  • Arrows will no longer infinitely bounce off the top of players in Creative mode
  • Fixed a rogue pixel on the nametag texture
  • Creepers will now take damage if they fall while following players
  • End Stone now has the proper blast resistance
  • Evocation fangs can now be summoned using commands
  • Mobs will now drop loot and XP orbs when killed with a splash or lingering Potion of Decay
  • Evokers no longer run away from invisible players
  • Vexes will now attack villagers and iron golems
  • Fixed several issues with excessive mob spawning and despawning
  • Fixed hostile mobs spawning in well-lit areas
  • Improved performance of mob AI
  • Arrows are no longer deflected when shooting at burning mobs
  • When fishing, the bobber will now submerge and play the right sound when a fish bites
  • A message will now display when a bed is too far away when attempting to sleep
  • Realms that were named with the '§' symbol can now be renamed
  • Command block chat messages will no longer appear on the pause menu
  • Slimes will no longer clip through blocks
  • Fish hooks will now properly stick to mobs
  • Adventure mode can now be selected in the world settings for imported template worlds that were set to Adventure by default
  • Baby villagers have learned how to hold items the right way
  • Farmer villagers now trade 5-7 apples for one emerald
  • Open fence gates can no longer push or pull entities
  • The Ender Dragon's wings will no longer flicker
  • Diorite, andesite, and granite can no longer be used as a replacement for stone in crafting recipes
  • The texture on top of TNT no longer rotates when ignited
  • Adult polar bears now drop the correct amount of XP
  • Cauldron water will no longer briefly change color when pushed by a piston
  • Llamas will no longer creepily turn their heads to stare at you while riding them
  • Various fixes to the Marketplace screens
  • Bats can no longer swim underwater
  • Redstone repeaters and comparators now have the proper bottom texture
  • Paintings can now occupy same space as snow and carpet
  • The '/effect instant_damage' command will now cause damage if [amplifier: int] is 255
  • The GUI can now be hidden by pressing F1 while riding in boats
  • Villagers no longer accept Charcoal as Coal whole trading
  • Fishing rods are now held properly in-hand
  • The base of end crystals have been adjusted
  • Nether Brick block side textures have been brightened
  • The title now displays properly on the dispenser screen
  • Iron Golems can no longer be knocked back with Punch arrows
  • Iron Golems will now avoid fire
  • Beds can no longer be placed in a way that clips through snow layers
  • New trade offers from villagers can be observed quicker, after the trades are unlocked
  • Various fixes to the Storage screen
  • Setting the 'sendcommandfeedback' gamerule to false no longer prevents players from displaying non-op commands such as '/list' and '/help'
  • Fixed texture clipping on the inside of Shulker boxes
  • Shulker box opening and closing animations are now much faster
  • Shulker boxes are now held properly in-hand
  • Shulker boxes will now remain open until all players have closed the inventory
  • Shulker boxes can now be opened when placed adjacent to Shulkers
  • Shulker boxes placed by dispensers will now rotate based on the surrounding blocks
  • Shulker boxes are no longer misaligned in item frames
  • Shulker boxes now play the proper sound when placed and broken
  • Shulker boxes dropped as an item can now be destroyed by explosions
  • Shulker boxes now change their collision box when opened
  • Shulkers can now be teleported using commands
  • Shulkers can no longer be set on fire
  • Shulkers have improved their camouflage and have restored their original color
  • Shulkers can now be spawned upside-down from spawn eggs
  • Shulkers can no longer teleport into a block already occupied by another Shulker
  • Shulkers will now teleport out of water
  • The hand will no longer wave repeatedly when a player can't build
  • Bone meal is now properly consumed on tall grass and ferns
  • Minecarts now wobble correctly when passing over activator rails
  • Giving a resistance amplifier of 8 or higher no longer causes players to gain absorption health when hurt
  • Creepers stop exploding now if they lose their target
  • Fixed up the Ender Dragon's death animation so its wings no longer turn white
  • Riding a horse while eating or drinking will no longer slow it down
  • Light no longer stays visible after burning a two-block tall plant
  • Entities that are teleported while in boats or minecarts will no longer be teleported underground
  • Improved performance when there are many items on the ground, like during Wither fights
  • Adult polar bears now panic when on fire
  • Pistons now push arrows
  • Fixed the text height on signs in the Greek Mythology Texture Pack
  • Custom skins will now show properly on the skin picker without having to re-launch the game
  • The '/fill' command will now return proper results, if failed
  • The '/fill' command now gives repeaters the correct delay
  • 'Pick block' will no longer behave strangely after dropping items from the inventory
  • Blocks that are affected by gravity will no longer break when pushed by a piston facing up
  • Repeating command blocks that are copied with 'pick block' and then placed will now activate repeatedly
  • The "Open" button will no longer appear when looking at a command block in minecart while playing Survival
  • Fixed redstone ore producing too many particles when items are dropped on top of them
  • Fixed jittery squid movement after a player or mob touches it
  • Mobs will now immediately take damage from magma blocks
  • The Wither will now die in the void
  • The Wither's heads will now look around more and skulls will now shoot from multiple heads
  • Adjusted the look of Buttons that are equipped in-hand
  • Large chests will now clone correctly when using the '/clone' command
  • Fixed the missing wolf idle sounds
  • Fixed some mismatched villager trading sounds
  • Cats now purrrrrr again
  • Beds placed with the '/fill' and '/setblock' commands will no longer be invisible
  • Players will no longer fall one block when teleporting with an ender pearl
  • Magma Cubes will now take drowning damage
  • Villagers will now run away from Vindicators, Evokers, and Vexes
  • Can no longer see through blocks when viewed from below and underwater
  • Non-dyed leather armor with no longer use up water from a cauldron
  • 'Pick Block' now works on llamas to get llama spawn eggs
  • Arrows are now destroyed by end crystal explosions
  • Arrows are now destroyed when using "/kill @e[type=arrow]"
  • Other mob heads no longer appear momentarily when a mob head is placed
  • Fixed exploration maps showing as blank until the game is re-launched
  • Fixed Add-Ons with dependencies not loading if there was another activated pack with dependencies
  • Baby mob heads are now scaled properly with Add-Ons
  • When an Ocelot spawns with two baby Ocelots, the baby Ocelots can now be tamed
  • Mobs are now properly affected by Splash Potion of Strength
  • Seeds will no longer pop off of covered farmland at night
  • Farmland will only dry up if there is no nearby water and nothing is planted on it
  • Monster spawners are now only able to spawn up to 4 mobs at a time
  • Arrows can now be picked up after shooting at Endermen
  • Air bubbles will no longer appear on the HUD when suffocating inside blocks
  • The '/setworldspawn' command can no longer be executed if the Y coordinate has a negative value
  • Zombie Villagers now sit at the proper height in boats and minecarts
  • Baby Zombie Jockeys will now properly mount mobs
  • Rabbits now hop at the proper speed
  • The 'mobgriefing' gamerule now applies to Monster Egg blocks
  • Blocks can no longer be seen through when flying close to the ground with Elytra in third-person
  • Players and mobs can no longer activate pressure plates beside them
  • Fixed an issue that showed the mining animation for blocks that were being stood on
  • The '/clear' command will now properly clear glazed terracotta that has been renamed
  • Moss stone is now much easier to find in mega taiga biomes
  • Fixed and issue that caused frosted ice not to form when walking very slowly and sneaking while wearing Frost Walker boots
  • Fixed End Portal block top texture rotating when being placed
  • Beds, pistons, and enchantment tables will now render properly on the edge of the screen


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