• wandering village

    they could wander and there would be all the different jobs of villagers if they find a village they trade and build more and some stay and they and others in that village com and if some die or st...

  • left and right rails

    It would be cool if rails could turn left or right and if you hold left you go left and if you hold right you go right and if you hold forward you go forward and there could be a way to switch the ...

  • /enchant name realunbreaking

    this would make it so your items would be unbreakable but it would only be available through commands I didn't know what to name it so I just put that as a name you could name it whatever you want

  • /railplacement all/wall/cealing/floor true false

    this makes it so you can place mincart rails everywhere and make loop de loop and cool stuff like that you could them it on the walls and stuff there is lots of cool map design that you could do wi...

  • /gamerule mobattack true

    if you used this in creative mobs would attack you they would not be able to kill you but they would attack you there could be other command that makes it so they can't knock you back both commands...

  • cool skin idea

    what if you could make a skin with extended arms like a zombie or ears like a piglen or crossed arms like a village add-ons that make your skin look cool

  • /gamerule mobcontrole true

    this would would make it so if you went into spectator and saw what a mob saw then you would also get to control the mob so you could control a zombie and make it punch a pig it would still have th...

  • jeb_ sheep spectator view

    what if when you when into spectator and went into a jeb_ sheep then your view was changed to a colorful view like how when you go into a creeper in spectator you see green