steve hello

  • climbing

    this mechanic came from the idea not from snapshots but using a wither to mine in bedrock. any way you could use a specialized enchant on the pix axe so if you have it in your hand you can use it b...

  • ceeder and pressure treeting mechanic

    ceder wood will not rot compares to spruce to Nerf spruce but to make spruce still viable on a large scale there is a mechanic called pressure treating which in real life stops rot which destroys w...

  • fisherman and cat interaction

    fishermen villagers should feed cats every day but to add a bit extra randomness to this feature they occasionally wont and then the cats  will steal fish from the barrels. note when you kill the c...

  • console crafting improvements

    bring back  the old xbox 360 crafting system ONLY for console i know consistency among bedrock but going back to the old xbox 360 for a nostalgia trip it was so much easier to craft stuff 

  • new mob

    it would be a terrifing mab that is passive and it does not exist irl   the centre of the mob would be soul sand  and the arms are long and deep red with splotches of white and green same with the ...

  • nether lightning

    it woud be created using chaneling and would be 3d starting in unloaded chunks toward the mob

  • thunder shrine

    it would be a naturally generated structure  just like the structure like in truly bedrock s1 but thunder will be summed by using a iron block instead of a beacon

  • exp tanks

    exp tanks can take all exp out of a player and store it in the block but each block has a limit of 5 lvls per tank and you can put as many as you want together and if you want your levels back you ...

  • grind stone animation

    the grind stone animation would just be the wheel spinning.

  • moon and astroid

    the moon dimension would open up when the moon blows up by having 1 or more beacons being active for 69 days and the only way to stop asteroids from destroying a large area would be to go  up there...