• Warden vs music disks

    The warden should be distracted by music disks and that would give the player a chance to escape or attack it

  • Ravagers stables

    What are the ravagers? Were do they come from?  You don't find them in outposts or in woodland mansions.  So when a raid starts were do they come from? That's why they should add the ravagers stabl...

  • More pie!

    I am a major pie lover. pumpkin pie by it's self is not cutting it.  I think we should add sweet berry pie and apple pie.  They would be crafted the same way as pumpkin pie just with sweet berry's ...

  • The wraith

    The wraith is a ravenger type mob that spawn s in the warped forest so it would match that color palette it would look like a cross between a wolf and a polar bear. It would always try to attack ho...