• Soul Speed Functionality

    To add some extra functionality to Soul Fire items and the Soul Speed enchantment, Soul Speed boots should give a 10% speed boost when the player is near Soul Fire blocks, e.g. soul torches, soul c...

  • Soul Speed

    I think the Soul Speed enchantment should increase the player's speed by around 10% when near light cast by soul fire, either by soul torches, soul lanterns, soul campfires or soul fire. This would...

  • Crafting Soul Sand and Soul Soil

    I think you should be able to craft 4 soul sand from 2 soul soil and 2 sand blocks, and craft 4 soul soul from 2 soul sand and 2 dirt blocks.

  • Smelting Gravel

    I think there should be an option to smelt gravel blocks into cobblestone in a furnace, 1:1.