• Goatlin

    Goatlins are goatlike like mobs that have a 30% chance of spawning in the mountain biome. When threatened they will attack you by charging at you or striking you with its iron axe that takes away 6...

  • Shroom burrower

    These rare hostile mobs can only spawn in crimson/warped forests. They are red yellow eyes in the crimson forest, and blue with green eyes in the warped forest. They stick their heads out of the gr...

  • Crystal elite

    Crystal elites are hostile rare mobs that only spawn in crystal caves and have a total of 50 health points and can take away 3 health points per hit. They are glowing translucent mobs that are the ...

  • White seals

    White seals only spawn in cold oceans.They are neutral and have 5hp. They only drop fish when killed.

  • Old stonecutter

    A new command that you can obtain the old stonecutter design: stonecutter_old

  • Demolisher

    This Magical illager can only spawn during raids in high waves. Wears a magenta robe with a wizard hat. Can float in the air and shoot crystal beams at the player. If you get hit by the beams: you ...

  • Corrupted zombie

    This hostile mob is a pink variant of a zombie. This mob is faster and stronger than a normal zombie. It can only spawn in the end or when a zombie, husk, or drowned enters the end for 20 seconds.

  • End spores

    These tiny head sized mobs only spawn around end mushrooms. They are hostile and can attack when the player is four blocks away from it. They can release Lingering Ender acid around them. They have...

  • Straight vines

    These vines only grow on end trees in the end city area.They are purple and climbable.

  • Toxic cavern

    Toxic caverns are full of toxic water and toxic particles in the air that can give the player poison and nausea. Make sure to wear a head to block out the toxic fumes. There are three mobs that onl...