• panda changes (to discourage deforestation and save the pandas)

    pandas now have a hunger bar, and will break down bamboo trees to eat the bamboo when they get hungry, however, when they do, the bamboo will also be re-planted. this way, if the bamboo is all dest...

  • metal arrowheads

    crafting arrows using metal arrowheads would make them deal more damage, however, they would not work with the infinity enchantment and must be crafted with the fletching table.

  • Lingering potions and Dragon's breath

    You should be able to collect lingering potions in an empty bottle. It would work in a similar fashion to the dragon's breath. It would not be OP for PVP, as you would likely then have to brew them...

  • placeable prismarine shards & crystals

    These would be based on the refraction of light- the prismarine crystals would have an emissive texture, but only in light levels in which mobs won't spawn, (making it easier to check that) prismar...

  • banners should have a unique burning animation

    You know, to REALLY send a message. the flames would rise up the flag from the bottom.  Maybe if the burning is interrupted halfway you could get a half burned or singed banner...

  • Slate

    Slate blocks are found in taiga biomes in large clusters like gravel. It looks like gravel, but with larger, thin plate-like chunks. It acts mostly like gravel, but with different conditions on whi...

  • tools are more efficient if your off hand is empty

    Also, weapons would deal more damage. This would encourage multiple styles of gameplay. (with shield being defensive and without shield being more offensive)

  • calcite crystal (and use)

    The calcite crystal is crafted from a calcite block on the stonecutter. it is either used as or crafted into an item like the spyglass, except it allows you to see the sun through rain clouds. It m...

  • Volcanic Sand

    This is black, green, or white sand. There would be rare beaches of unusual color like on the big island of Hawai'i.

  • red sand deserts

    deserts with red sand and red sandstone.