• Other ways to get ice effect

    If you go in a snowy biome, go in freezing water or going too high up you should get icy effect unless you wear netherite or leather armour, as those biomes are very cold. placing a camfire nearby ...

  • Mountaintop Forge and Copper Golems!

    This would be a large structure, on the top of what seems to be a volcano. Illagers roam here and guard the vast treasures that await you. in the centre of the mountain there is a huge pit that has...

  • Skulkium, skulk phantasm and more!!

    After defeating the enderdragon, in your world the skulk starts to spread quicker. Eventually it will reach the surface of your world. It will ravage all that it goes through and stop mobs from spa...

  • In-game custom biome and structure menu

    There should be a menu that you can go in which puts you in creative and allows you to create custom trees, structures and possibly mobs with their own custom textures and features.

  • New Clay Pots naturally generate

    It would be a good idea if you go through a village and smash open clay pots and get some wheat or an emerald and in strongholds you get better loot, all with storytelling images and lore on them.

  • Comparators produce higher signal for pitch on note blocks and jukeboxes

    This would be really cool for secret doors if you played a certain music disc or note and then you can go into your secret base, or for a lighting system that is in tune with your note block/jukebo...