• Badges & In Game Achievements

    With the new seasonal trials there are so many exciting new levels to play and new items to claim. But one thing that would set it apart is a badge that you receive for participating in the event! ...

  • (Content) Drop Based Upgrade Tree

    I think it would be cool to have an Upgrade Tree / Skill tree that is based solely on mob drops. This would be new to Minecraft Dungeons (i.e. skeletons drop bones and zombies drop rotten flesh) Wh...

  • Destructable Environment

    Some parts of the environment should have the ability to be destroyed and drop items. It may be easier to simply add things on top of the environment if you have to. It will add more variety and ma...

  • (Interface) Lifetime Statistics in Game

    There should be a message board or place in town where you can check your lifetime stats.