• Grapefruit

    Grapefruits are an edible fruit that grow on grapefruit trees, rarely spawning in nature. Grapefruit Logs, Leaves, Planks And Other Stuff Id Like To See Too. When Breaking a Grapefruit Leaves It Dr...

  • The Chorustalker

    The Chorustalker Is A Mob I Want To Be Added. It Is About 3 Blocks Tall, Similar To Enderman, (And Is Humanoid) Can Teleport, If It Eats Chorus Fruit, (Which It Can), Also Is Neutral And If Provoke...

  • The Beammaker

    The Beammaker is an Illager Which Can Teleport And Summons Beams Of Light To Destroy Houses and Attack Players & Villagers) Beammakers Would Spawn In Level 5 and Up Raids (Hard Mode and Hardcore Mo...

  • Infested Endstone

    Infested Endstone Is Basically Infested Stone But Spawns In The End And Spawns Endermites Instead Of Silverfish