• Nether Tower (From my Dream)

    I know this is a long shot but I had this idea from a dream and it was just too cool to not share it! In my dream I was in the nether, it wall all void and fog accept for the tower I was in. The t...

  • Master Difficulty with Customization

    Master difficulty is an adjustable difficulty that challenges players in a way no normal difficulty would. Master Difficulty is customizable, so you can adjust the game to your will. What makes the...

  • Fish Slap!

    A fun little joke, slapping someone with a fish makes a well... Fish slap sound! With water particles splatting all over the place!

  • Infinity Arrow Redesign

    Infinity Arrows need a redesign to symbolize that they are magic and created from nothing. They should be bright blue, glow in the dark, become transparent, or leave a particle trail. Thanks for re...