Anton Zhgun

  • Copying the Creepers (advancement)

    We are all tired of creepers blowing us up. What do you feel about revenge! To make the advancement, blow up a creeper using TNT.

  • Homing enchantment

    This enchantment you can put on bows, crossbows, and tridents. When you shoot, it goes to the neared mob that isn’t the entity that shot it. This could get annoying, but it could be useful, especia...

  • Using water to purify

    Water and something purifiable equals the purified form of that something.

  • Zatfeild

    This crystal is found deep down, and is the fuel for a purifier. This works like blaze powder in a brewing stand, it can only purify a certain number of things. You can change this by making a bloc...

  • Medicine

    Created from medicine powder, this medicine clears all bad effects, but gives you nausea and slowness for a little. You can make unpure medicine, which clears all good effects and gives you nausea ...

  • Medicine Powder

    This ore is found underground. It drops 2 medicine powder, which can make medicine. But before you make medicine, you need to purify the powder, or you make unpure medicine. You need water or a pur...

  • Sunstone

    A Sunstone is an item that is crafted from sunstone gems and a clock. This item can turn the time morning. It can only be used 5 times though.

  • One way window

    These are blocks that are transparent when you look through one side, but are opaque when you look through any other side. It can be very useful in P.V.P.

  • Time Changer

    This block is created from on sunstone ( I talk about this in a different place) and obsidian. When you place a Certain item or block in the slot (like a sunstone) it will turn it day, night, noon,...

  • Rackermen

    These 3-block tall mobs spawn only in the Nether. If they are in the overworld, they just burn. These mobs look exactly like Netherrack, except for their orange eyes. When you look at them (on any ...