Joshua Davies

  • Ice Cold Blaze Achievement

    The new achievement would be to simply kill a blaze using snowballs, and it would be a fun little addition to the game.

  • Nether Fern

    The Nether Fern would be extremely rare and would have many useful, and deadly properties. One idea for the Nether Fern is for it to be able to smelt items in a furnace, and you would be able to fa...

  • New ways to get Buckets and Shears in Minecraft Earth

    I think that when you collect cows or mooblooms, there should be a one in million chance to get a bucket of milk. There should also be a one in a million chance to get a bucket of mud if you collec...

  • (Soul Sand Valley) Soul Stealer

    The Soul Stealer would be a terrifying hostile mob that creeps out of soul sand in soul sand valleys. It would look like a cross between a zombie and a wither skeleton, and would give you blindness...