• More redstone lighting

    We need more variety in redstone lighting. Lots more.

  • Remove Quartz Pillars from Mason Villagers

    You can't turn Pillars back into regular quartz which really limits what you can do with the trades.  The Pillars are way too common of a trade which makes the villager useless for quartz trades.  ...

  • Daily Hunger Loss. Making Survival About Survival.

    I think your hunger bar should naturally decrease over time even if you haven't moved.  You need energy just to exist. Seems unrealistic to be able to not eat for many days and be fine. Survival is...

  • Simplify RTX

    Trying to make my world into RTX is far too complicated.  Simplify this.  What was Mojang thinking? This is ridiculous.  Should not be so complicated to make my world into RTX.

  • Unbreaking on Beacon

    The beacon should have an option to add extra level of unbreaking to your tools and armor.

  • Eyeball / Crystal Ball Camera System

    A camera system using an eyeball from a new eyeball mob and a crystal ball. After defeating the eyeball you get an eyeball drop which you can place and connect it to a crystal ball. What the eyebal...

  • Add Blood Red color

    Add a blood red color / block.  We have light/dark versions of other blocks but nothing for red.

  • Sub Nether

    A dimension you can only access from the Nether.  The sub nether would be 1 block for every 8 blocks in the nether as the nether is to the overworld.  This allows for fast travel of the nether and ...