文劲 加斯克尔

  • Low grade iron generator to replace iron farm

    When the cave update comes I think there should be a progression from just scavenging for iron. I have heard there is talk of removing iron farms from the game because they cause disparity between ...

  • Nylium Soil (Renewable Nylium)

    I think Nylium should be a renewable block in 1.16, rather than it spreading into netherack and invading other biomes we could have a Nylium Soil block that is obtainable by crafting regular nether...

  • Night wings (elytra with benefits except it is harder to get)

    Wings that can be crafted with bat wings that are a 1 in 500 chance of dropping when a bat is killed, a phantom membrane (1 in 3 chance of dropping when a phantom is killed) and a block of obsidian...

  • Mesa Arch

    In the badlands some generation updates could definitely benefit the Biome for example a mesa arch

  • Quartz temple

    A classical style temple with quartz pillars about 10(l)x6(w)x5(h) it could contain a loot chest and spawn in savannah, forest or desert biomes and contain loot specified to the Biome, if possible ...

  • Badlands (Canyon rivers)

    The canyons in the badlands feel like they should have something that carved them from the rock, I think there should be a small stream of medium sized river running through them