• Icon of fire

    A crying obsidian block with a face on each side that can spawn inside nether fortresses. The block can spit an extremely slow fireball at a player which turns into a blaze on contact with anythin...

  • Sulk worm

    A worm like creature that hangs down from the nether roof. They are less than one block big and they are white with a sulking frown on their face. As the sulking worm hangs it will drop particle ef...

  • Endwatcher

    Found as a passive mob naturally in the end, its a purple floating creature with an eye of ender in the center of it body (like a guardian without a tail) acting as an actual eye. It causes nausea...

  • Glowing mushrooms

    Low light green glowing mushrooms with blue spots. Can be found in cave systems lower than layer 30. Causes nausea effect when eaten raw. They produce a light level up to 10 - 12 

  • Golden sweet berries

    A single sweet berry surrounded by gold ingots that when consumed will fully fill your hunger bar with high saturation for 1 in game day, however you will not regenerate health unless you use a pot...

  • Ender hounds

    Skeletal black lone wolves found in the end that can teleport randomly and does high damage. Endermen do not notice their presence. Drops ender pearls and occasionally music disks

  • Weather type: drizzle

    You can still see the sun however very light rain will still be falling "have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day"

  • Hobo spider

    Rare spider mob that has a rugged leather cap, beard and a sack of treasure tied to a stick. Drops random loot, a stick and a leather cap thats basically broken

  • Deeper shadows/torches and lanterns

    Deeper shadows around light sources/ warmer glow to lights. Torches and lanterns should light a small radius around you when held but beyond that should be darker than usual lava should look hotter...

  • Water platform

    A floating platform that blocks can be placed on top of