Diego Heras

  • Use for beetroot soup

    What happens when you eat beetroot soup is that it will give you haste for a decent amount of time which makes beetroot soup cutie useful.

  • Use for coarse dirt(muddy flint)

    Coarse dirt now has a use and it's that you can get muddy flint,with muddy flint you can make muddy arrows which when you shot them to a mob they'll get slowness effect for some short time.

  • Golden salmon

    A golden salmon is very rare to find but worth it because you all know that there's no way to make a luck potion in survival but with this you can finally make a luck potion.

  • Golden Sapling

    Dead bushes aren't very useful so what I think should be added is that if you put water at the side of a dead bush and then throw a totem of undying in it,it will turn into a golden sapling which t...

  • Compact TNT

    I think that TNT should be renovated. You can make a compact TNT with 1 TNT,6 wood planks and 2 of gunpowder.The difference between normal TNT and compact TNT is quite obvious. It just makes a bigg...

  • Magic robes

    These magic robes are expensive but worth it: EARTH ROBES:earth robes are the cheapest. They'll let you break faster. PILLAGER ROBES:these pillager robes will let you attack so much faster with ax...

  • Ravenger leather armor

    This ravenger leather will obviously be given when killing a ravenger.The armor isn't completely made out of ravenger leather,the chest plate has a bit of iron,it's made with 6 ravenger leather and...

  • Ravenger crossbow

    When you kill a ravenger it will give you ravenger leather and with that you can make the ravenger crossbow.The difference between the regular crossbows and the ravenger crossbows is that the raven...

  • Stonelings

    These stonelings are small creatures that always have a ore or a rear item in their hands and if your able to sneak up to them and kill them they'll give you the item that they had in their hands.

  • Miners hat

    You can only get this by trading with villagers and what it does is very simple.When you mine a ore there's a small chance that it might give you 2,maybe even 3!