• Blast proof glass -- Use for Crystals

    Crystals need more than one use, so what about using them to make blast-proof (or maybe just blast-resistant) glass?  That could be really useful in lots of applications.

  • Deep Dark Under Bedrock

    With all the new world content coming in 1.17, which ranges from gaping caverns to towering peaks, I find it hard to believe that all of these huge features will fit in the world as it is.  There j...

  • Darkness (especially in caves)

         In my experience caving, I've discovered that one hardly needs to place a torch to be able to see, even in the darkest recesses of the cave.  Granted, it's harder to see without light, and tor...

  • Rough and polished Lapis Lazuli blocks

    Hello! I personally consider that Lapis isn't used for much except enchanting and the occaisonal decoration block, and I think that it could be improved in the latter aspect if there was a rough la...