• Realms and Xbox gift cards

    You should be able to pay for realms using an xbox giftcard

  • Stuctures revamp update

    My idea is for an update that improves all existing structures with new loot, rooms and traps. This could be one half of an update (like mountains in 1.17).

  • End update

    Since the nether got a big, grand update, I think it's only fair that we show the end some love. We could have end music discs, end biomes, endermen varients and far more!

  • Mithril

    Mithril could be a new ore in Minecraft that can only be destroyed with a netherite pickaxe. It can be found underground in the End. It's uses could be magic related items like an ice staff, a fire...

  • Platypuses

    A new passive mob coulded be added called a platypus. It would live near rivers and it would eat fish from the river. It would be the first mob in minecraft to have a thirst bar. It can drink water...

  • /nickname

    My idea is a command that allows you to change your name. Maybe there could also be a /nicknamereset command.

  • Natural regeneration enchantment

    My idea is a new enchantment on your armour that slowly heals you if you are wounded and haven't been in combat for 10 seconds Level 1 would heal 3 health per second (or more depending on your powe...

  • Tameable bunnies

    My idea is that you can tame bunnies with a carrot.  The bunnie could deal small amounts of damage to mobs, but when you are near it it gives you jump boost 2.

  • Pen pals achievement

    My idea is a new achievement called 'Pen pals'. You would obtain this by giving a book you wrote to another player

  • New use for wither skeleton skulls

    My idea is another use for a wither skeleton skull. The idea is you should be able to craft a mask that lets you see through lava, like using night vision but with lava. It should be crafted with 1...