• Platypuses

    A new passive mob coulded be added called a platypus. It would live near rivers and it would eat fish from the river. It would be the first mob in minecraft to have a thirst bar. It can drink water...

  • /nickname

    My idea is a command that allows you to change your name. Maybe there could also be a /nicknamereset command.

  • Natural regeneration enchantment

    My idea is a new enchantment on your armour that slowly heals you if you are wounded and haven't been in combat for 10 seconds Level 1 would heal 3 health per second (or more depending on your powe...

  • Tameable bunnies

    My idea is that you can tame bunnies with a carrot.  The bunnie could deal small amounts of damage to mobs, but when you are near it it gives you jump boost 2.

  • Pen pals achievement

    My idea is a new achievement called 'Pen pals'. You would obtain this by giving a book you wrote to another player

  • New use for wither skeleton skulls

    My idea is another use for a wither skeleton skull. The idea is you should be able to craft a mask that lets you see through lava, like using night vision but with lava. It should be crafted with 1...

  • New achievement "What now?"

    My idea is for a new achievement named "What now?" (You can change the name). To get this achievement you would have to get a supercharged creeper to kill The Enderdragon. You would do this by seve...

  • Damaged lever/button/pressure plate

    My idea is a new lever/button/pressure plate called the damaged lever/button/pressure plate that has a limited amount of power, once it is used 10 or 15 times it doesn't give a redstone signal. In ...