Sebastien Sighel

  • Copper Minecart

    A copper minecart, that also slowly oxidizes like normal copper blocks, which can also be waxed to keep it in its desired state. This would be beneficial for the player because it would be great to...

  • Frozen Lake Generation

    With all the work on the mountains goats spawn on it got me thinking about new types of ice/snow structures we could have in minecraft, a cool new ice structure that would generate in the snowy bio...

  • Dark ice

    Similar to how ice is almost invisible when looked at in the night time in real life, a cool new block idea to add to the 1.17 update would be : Dark Ice ! i think this new ice block should be an a...

  • Bookshelf slab

    Bookshelves function as a top and bottom block, totaling 2 layers of shelves full of books in one block, I think that an interesting addition would be a bookshelf slab, a slab that’s only one layer...

  • SoulSoil underwater = faster boost

    If soulsoil is placed underwater instead of souls and the bubble stream boost should be 2x stronger due to soul soil being better than soul sand.  

  • Toolstand

    A little Wooden stand used to display tools, acts like the armor stand except for displaying tools and 1x1 blocks wide.