• New Death Message for dropping after levitating too high.

    "[PlayerName] floated to high"

  • Shield Balancing

    I had an idea on a stun, for both the attacker and defender when you successfully block a projectile or a melee attack. When a player is stunned, they cannot attack,    Let’s find out a plausible w...

  • Antarctic Silverfish

    Antarctic Silverfish This fish is very abundant in Antarctic Oceans and is found nowhere else It is the prey of penguins and sometimes leopard seals. The size of cod, but is silvery and slightly t...

  • Arctic Cod

    Arctic Cod This fish is abundant in Arctic Oceans and is found nowhere else It is the prey of polar bears and ringed seals.

  • Ice Floes!

    Ice Floes! What are Ice Floes? Ice floes are chunks of ice in frozen oceans, polar bears are seen on them, and even arctic foxes! The biome consists of a 2-meter thick packed ice sheet with random ...

  • Wither Rose Garden(Nether Biome)

    Alright, this is about a new nether biome called the wither rose garden. The wither rose garden I thought of because of my idea on wither bees. Link here. Wither rose gardens would bee(yes, pun int...

  • Dark honey(was:Wither bee honey)

    This is based off my idea for wither bees, and beeswax. Wither bees link here. Beeswax here. Wither bee hive here.  Dark honey would be used as an activation potion for stick diffusers in my beeswa...

  • Better Crop Replanting

    Instead of having to break crops, then replant them, we should be able to just right-click, and the crop would be harvested and a stage one crop would appear in its place.