• Elder Guardian Loot Upgrade

    Ocean monument's reward are just not worth the trouble. My suggestion would be to add a new item to the elder guardian loot table: an ancient spike would have a 25-30% chance of dropping. 3 of thes...

  • Emergent plants

    Emergent plants are plants that start growing underwater but eventually make contact with air in the surface, these could add a lot of life mostly to lakes and swamp, the plant could be 1 or 2 bloc...

  • Stonger Mobs (Special Mobs)

    In order to further increase the dificulty and the surprise aspect of the game certain mobs could have a random chance to spawn with boosts or special abilities, the more powerful, the rarer, becom...

  • Totem of Undying for pets

    Being able to to give yor pets (or other mobs) a totem of undying would be a good way to make sure they don't die, without making it too OP as it would obviously be a one use item