Nathaniel Reynolds

  • Striders can be sheared for string

    Like sheep, striders can be sheared and drop string without killing them. Bare striders could seek out warped nylium and eat it to regain their string. This would make them seek out land, also pres...

  • Proximity Fireworks

    Using an eye of ender when making a firework star makes it a "proximity" firework star.This firework has a larger damage radius and will explode if it passes near an entity, say within 5 blocks.Thi...

  • Nether Mooshrooms (Bullshrooms)

    There is currently one food source in the Nether, excluding rotten flesh as that's not really a viable long term food. On the other hand, there are dozens in the overworld. I think at least one mor...

  • Revert block shading in inventory to 1.14.4 style

    The new shading is way too high contrast. The right face is so dark it's ridiculous. You're trying to improve things that really don't need changing. Please can we just have it reverted.