• 'Too bright to sleep'

    My idea is is that if the brightness is 10 or higher, you won't be able to sleep.

  • Realms Dashboard

    My idea is, there could be a website (maybe realms.minecraft.net) and on that page you could see all your realms, and you could select one and manage it like a server (i.e version, console, setting...

  • Xbox Realm club chat should show in-game chat

    What my idea is that because each realm gets a club, which has a chat facility, that all in-game chat should be showed in the club chat. Maybe also the other way round - what is shown in game chat ...

  • Action Block

    So, this block would be like a command block in that you enter a command into it, then when you are ready you would press ‘Lock Command’ which would lock the command in so you cant edit it. When a ...

  • (.net) Player stats when you enter a username

    My idea is that if a player types in a username on the website, then they can see the "stats" of that player e.g deaths / time playing / friends / servers playing. There could also be one for bedro...

  • What you built on the seed will be available for others to see

    This could be like you built something on a world and you typed in the /seed command it would save what you built on the seed for anyone else with the seed to see

  • /setsurvivalabilities

    This command can set the abilities of a player in survival mode. They could choose from: canplaceblock candestroyblock canmove caninteractwithblock cancheat candopvp canhurtmobs