• Minecraft Java Edition Lite

    Minecraft Java Edition Lite is the free version of Minecraft Java Edition. It's Like Minecraft Java Edition Demo But less limited, meaning no playing timer and infinite world saves. The only limita...

  • (Minecraft Earth Parity) Crafting Sounds

    Minecraft Earth Has A lot Of Features That Vanilla Doesn't Have. One Of Them Is Crafting Sound. Every New Crafting Blocks (Such As Loom) Has Its Own Sound But The Most Important Block Doesn't. Edit...

  • Bring Back MC-153334 Bug

    The Bug that me and the others loved was this and it has been fixed: MC-153334 - Cured villagers sell bookshelves for 1 emerald and buy books for 1 emerald, allowing players to easily get an unlimi...

  • Slower Attack Speed If A Player Is Underwater

    If you want to Minecraft be more realistic at combat, You should add this idea. Seriously who can attack fast underwater.