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  • Keep the box of infinet books as a decoration block

    The new april fools update was very fun, and disorganized. However the box of infinite books is a great looking block. It should either be added as a decoration block or replace the bookcase texture

  • Wood cutter

    With this block instead of with the stonecutter where you get stone carved stuff with the wood cutter you can get wood cut stuff and it's crafted just like a stone cutter just with wood blocks and ...

  • Potion that can let you go through sweet berry bushes unharmed

    With this potion it would let you not take damage will walking through sweet berry bushes. It would be made with a glass bottle and a sweet berry it would last 3 minutes and would have a purple pin...

  • Goggles

    The would be only obtainable from drowned. And they would make it so you would have night vision underwater. they would be super rare. They would take up a helmet slot. Maybe a .36%chance to get an...