• Trolls

    Trolls are bigger than iron golems and are hostile mobs.  They will some times spawn with a club and that will give them more attack strength.  Trolls can also smash blocks away with there clubs.  ...

  • Garden golem

    A new hard working golem to live in villages and harvests and plants crops.  If you give it a hoe than you can tell it were to plant things and it will place them in chest. Also see Dirt golem.

  • Skeleton quiver

    It looks kind of wierd for a skeleton to have infinet arows and no wear to put them.  So a simple brown quiver over there sholders would be fine.

  • Endermen build

    Endermen should build more often and more interesting.  And endermen should pick up chests.

  • Squid vs guardian

    Squids have no defense if they get to close to a guardian.  I thought it would be so cool if when one squid was attacked than a few surounding squids would all grab hold of the guardian and drag it...

  • Armored riding pigs

    Pigs should have two armor slots, one for boots and one for a helmet.  If equipped with boots than the pig will go faster with the quality of the boots.  And equipped with a helmet it will do knock...

  • Pilliger captain's weapons

    A pilliger captain is almost exactly like the rest of the pilligers.  So they should have an enchanted crossbow,  an enchanted iron sword (for close combat) and a normal shield. And also it would b...

  • Edible mushrooms

    Just one small thing: please make mushrooms edible.

  • Two headed chicken

    A two headed chicken would would be spawned from an egg only and each head could look a different way.

  • Dirt golem

    A dirt golem would not have much heath or attack damage and only attacks creepers, sceletons, spiders and zombies. It would reafill any nearby empty couldruns and there is a small chance of them re...