• the stalker

    The stalker would be a very short endermen. Once it finds you than it will follow you while staying hidden. It would follow you to your bed and then would attack you when you went to sleep. 

  • Portal guardian

    It would be cool if there was just one more challenge before going to the end.  A new hostile golem should stand dorment in the back of the room, untill you placed all the eyes of ender in the port...

  • (Licensed Content) Lord of the rings

    It would be so cool if a lord of the rings skin pack, texture pack and mash up pack were added.

  • Phantom nest

    A big cave were phantoms swarm in at day.

  • Nitwit shacks

    nitwits don't have jobs so they shouldn't be able to afford good houses, they should live in dumpy shacks instead. 

  • pillager beds

    I think that pilligers are like villagers and they should sleep in beds.  Vindicators, evokers and witches should also sleep in beds.