• Netherite Sword Item Bonus: Nether Affinity

    Nether Affinity: Improves Netherite Sword when inside the Nether. +1 Attack Damage (9 Total) +1 Attack Reach  

  • Cloudberries

    Cloudberries are special berries that only grow in Mountain biomes. They would restore 3 hunger, and will not grow in any biome with a temperature higher than 0.2.

  • Killer Bee Variant

    These red and black striped bees have 8 hearts, and will aggro onto any mob within 10 blocks of its home beehive. These bees are only spawned when someone tries to break the hive. They only spawn i...

  • Glow Berries

    how about like berries that only grow in caves and when eaten give the glowing effect

  • Remove Potion Glint

    Sometimes, it is hard to differentiate from potion to potion because of the enchanting glow that is on them. Potions like Slowness and Weakness, Night Vision, and Water Breathing, etc are hard to t...