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  • Make leads attachable to movable fence

    In the current verison of minecraft (1.16), you can not use a piston to move a fence block that has a lead tied onto it, without breaking the knot. My suggestion is to make it possible to use a pis...

  • Body Parts in Combat

    I think that the minecraft character's body needs to be devided into different hitboxes. What I mean by that is the diffrent body parts, arms, head etc. has seperate hitboxes. This way, hitting an ...

  • Apple Cider Vinegar.

    Apple cider vinegar is a potion which slows down the process of saturation loss, because it acidifes the stomach making you less hungry. Apple cider vinegar would be achieved by putting an apple i...

  • Sneak n' sprinting layout.

    Display text or symbol on hud to know when you have either sneak og spriting toggeled.  Also make it possible to turn this text / symbol on or off, for those who wish to not have this on their hud.