• Spyglass Bow Mount

    Another good use for the spyglass would be a bow/crossbow mount for long-range combat. This feature could also enhance shooting distance but make motion while aiming slower.

  • Battle Music

    My idea here is, when you engage in combat, certain music will play out. Since Jens is working on combat mechanics already, I think this would make combat exciting! I think that bringing back the b...

  • The Depth Meter

    The depth meter is a new way of measuring your 'Y' coordinates so that you can find a level to mine in, and many more ideas. This item can be crafted using six iron ingots, 3 placed vertically on e...

  • Splash Potion of Honey

    It popped into my head randomly and it was a brilliant idea.   If you made a Splash Potion of Honey, it would be a potion that regenerated your hunger bar and if made into a splash potion or a ling...

  • Ragdoll death anyone?

    I know the code would be hard to pull off, but imagine fighting in pvp matches.  Killing things would be a lot more hilarious and fun.

  • Give/Make new music with a frequency for creativity.

    You could use 420.83HZ (Hertz) for a frequency in your music that amplifies the creative mood in an individual. I thought it would be healthy and make Minecraft feel good. 😌

  • Steve skin remodel.

    I honestly think a remodel for the skin, Steve would be a good idea for these updates, Since the colors would be bland in this texture update.   Hope you guys found this interesting.