• Cactus and Netherite

    I think seeing as it is floats in lava, it should probably be invincible to cactus (any tools/armor made by Netherite).

  • Netherite Ingot is Dye-able

    Since it is so expensive, I figure it would be pretty cool to be able to dye ingots, so that when you combine it with something- (perhaps only red and blue using the fungi) it turns out a different...

  • Ice and Soul Sand speed plant growth.

    Packed ice under soul sand speeds up any growth on soul sand, just as packed ice under soul sand slows entity speed.

  • Sideways fireworks

    The idea is that fireworks can be fired sideways from dispensers in cardinal directions. I would like this in Java, and on all platforms, and if I'm not mistaken this was or still is a feature in b...