• Parkour mode (Console)

    People want console to be updated and so do I, but maybe do something small (like a new gamemode) to see how many people get online (to see if it's worth your time updating it). But the idea is tha...

  • Warped Potion

    Warped potions are potions crafted by putting an ender pearls in a brewing stand, when you drink it, you teleport to spawn (or your bed). You should also be able to turn it off in the settings or m...

  • Mycellium, podzol, mossy, crimson, and warped pathshs

    The mycellium path would be a dark pink color, podzol would be a brownish orange color, mossy would be a brighter green, crimson would be bright orange, and warped would be a cyan color with a litt...

  • Parasite

    Parasites are worm like creatures that are in medium mobs, the medium mobs are cows, sheep, pigs, llamas, dolphins, etc. They come out to attack you if you kill their host, they are a little taller...

  • (Content) Mooshrooms

    Mooshrooms and brown mooshrooms should be added to minecraft earth as a a rare mob, and every 30 seconds they plant a mushroom  (mooshroom dependant)

  • Sandticks

    Sand ticks live in deserts and live in sand blocks, they are longer than a silverfish and as short as one, they deal a heart of damage and they are rarer than a cow

  • (Gameplay) Special mob spots

    I think there should be mobs designed for certain areas, for example: cod, salmon, squid, dolphins, etc spawn in water. Polar bears, strays, snow foxes, white rabbits, and other future ice/snow bio...

  • (Content Request) More mushrooms

    under review

    I think there should be a mushroom plate, blocks, that purple grass, and mooshrooms. The mooshrooms also should have the brown variant as well as red

  • (Content Request) Different mooblooms

    I belive that mooblooms should have different flower variants like red/poppy etc

  • Fletcher's arrow

    There should be a arrow only that can be found in fletcher's chest or sold my a merchant or a fletcher villager. These arrow go 2x faster then normal arrows, and can only work on a bow. The arrow w...