blaze warior17

  • wool boots

    Wool boots would stop the warden from hearing you walking and if a temperature style aspect was added they would provide warmth. They would be crafted out of wool but maybe to balance it you need a...

  • enchantment that makes you fly with an elytra faster

    just seems like a good idea in my opinion

  • dragon egg can be used to create a conduit style device

    The dragon egg could be used as a conduit core with the conduit shell being made of purpur and endstone it could allow for either creative mode flight in a small area or slow falling or something s...

  • achievement for writing in a book and quill

    Some of us like writing so there should be an achievement for those of us. I know this is a dumb idea but it would be interesting.

  • villagers are scared of zombified piglins

    Villagers should be scared of zombie pigmen, they are zombies after all why wouldn't villagers be scared of them. I mean iron golems attack zombie pigmen why wouldn't villagers be scared of them.

  • mob levels

    I think that mobs should have randomized levels, boss monsters would always have the same level (maybe a respawned ender dragon is a lower level idunno) bosses would obviously be higher levels, mob...

  • bundle belt

    The bundle belt is a belt crafted with leather and gold, it takes up the leggings slot and can be used to hold three bundles. It would have a key that you have to press that allows you to open a sc...

  • skulk sensor distracts warden

    I think this was shown in the video but in case it wasn't, I think that vibrations from the skulk sensor confuse the warden and it will run towards the skulk sensor instead of the player.

  • warden texture change

    What I suggest is a slight edit to the warden's texture. If the warden where to have an area of the face where the eyes would be so that it simulated a kind of evolution, the warden went to the dee...

  • half completed archaeology digs

    In archaeology sites sometimes there are blocks that have been half brushed but not all the way, this could be for aesthetic or it could be a clue to some very fancy loot either way it would be a g...