• Flamingos

    i think flamingos should be added to the game because it would give the jungle biome something new and they would be cute you could feed them fish  and they would go stick there heads in the water ...

  • Steam

    i think steam should be added to Minecraft it would be found in caves and it can be put in iron canisters and used as decorations and can power a Redstone fan which I will talk about in another pos...

  • Iron canisters

    this post has to do with my post about steam iron canisters can be used to carry steam you can place down a iron canisters around steam and it will fill up with up to 7 blocks of steam you can clic...

  • Redstone fan

    this post also has to do with my post about steam so what Redstone fans do is they send out a Redstone signal when steam floats through them

  • Dark steel dungeon

     Have you ever went mining and thought that it’s boring I have a idea for a new dungeon a dark steel dungeon filled with new mobs like unknown traders I will talk about each thing one at a time  s...

  • Flower dimension

    Maybe some giant flowers in a flower dimension