Nato 2509

  • Biome Variation (beach): MARSHLANDS

    Beach is one of the most empty biomes, so what if we change it some times? Marshlands is a variation of beach with some medium water bodies near the sea (like a small lake); here, the player could ...

  • Change Helmet skin

    Creating a more "real" helmet skin by adding a nose and cheek protector (for all metal-made helmet)

  • Emerald-Diamond Amulet (magic item)

    An emerald is a poorly used resource, just for commerce so, making a craft-able amulet made with emeralds, gold necklaces and diamonds could made this resource more important because, this amulet w...

  • Grey Guards (Mansion Mob)

    THE GREY GUARDS are aggressive mobs that appear near the entrance and perimeter of mansions (in the forest), these guards use armors and use spears and shields. They have same life and speed as pil...