Ashton Volkmann

  • Name tags should take durability

    Name tags should take durability and can break after a number of uses. This should already be added.

  • Cave Spider Eyes

    Add a crushed-looking spider eye that is known as cave spider eyes. They are collect from cave spiders. They can be used to create a potion similar to poison that prevents players from jumping as w...

  • Add potions of all status effects to creative

    Add a hunger, blindness, levitation, slow falling, haste, and mining fatigue potion, splash potion, lingering potion, and tipped arrows to the creative inventory. They can't be crafted in survival,...

  • Polisher

    A block similar to stonecutters, but is used to create polished andesite, diorite and granite. Perhaps it would need fuel to polish, and could do super cool animation or something. 

  • Sluggish Potion

    Prevents players from jumping very high or even at all. Could be crafted out of an awkward potion and a poisonous potato.

  • Rockwood

    A new block found spread out in the overworld. It looks like wood type material and has a very high blast resistance. Only can be mined with diamond axe/pickaxe, but will break after collecting one...

  • C4 (explosive block)

    C4 is similar to TNT, except it can only set off with redstone. When a redstone current reaches the C4, it will instantly blow up, with no charging time like TNT has. Perhaps it would create a slig...