• Wooly cow (1.17)

    I think that the wooly cows from Minecraft earth are a great addition to the mountains. Perhaps also add the umbra cow as a rare variant

  • Poison and hot spring cave variant (1.17)

    I think there should be a new cave variant in 1.17. These caves would have a new fluids, poison and hot spring water. They both can be picked up in a bucket. Poison: purple fluid which gives fatal ...

  • Let other mobs have that more than one baby mechanic

    In the newest beta, goat have the unique abillty to have multiple offspring. I would like to see this implemented with other animals, especially rabbits

  • (Feedback site) update ideas feedback

    I (and probably many others) would like to see an update ideas section. As the name suggests, it can be use for ideas specialized for the upcoming update: a post would appear as this: (Update) (Idea)

  • All (premium) emotes should be unlockable with archievements (bedrock)

    When emotes where first introduced, I thought: maybe they finally make getting archievements useful. Unfortunately there were only 3 emotes unlockable by getting (easy) archievements (alongside som...

  • (Console parity) Nether exclusives

    In the Legacy Console version of the game, there were some exclusive nether-themed features. These were nice and would make up some great (but small) additions for the Nether Update. The exclusives...