Aban Sainz

  • Changes to the piercing enchantment

    Please make it so arrows enchanted with piercing can't be blocked by shields, shulkers and maybe even the wither, and they don't get stuck on cobwebs.

  • Fire Button in touch screens to fire the crossbow quicker.

    I think that, in mobile devices, there should be a button that lets you fire the crossbow by pressing it, this would be faster that long-pressing the screen, similar to the one the fishing rod has....

  • Magic Wand

    First I want to apologize for editing this post so much, but I think this will be the last time I do it (actually no, every day I think of ways to improve this, im sorry). I would like an item or t...

  • Headphones

    Just a dumb idea, I think you should add headphones in Minecraft so we can hear music at any times. These would be obtained from loot chests, and only loot chests, I don't think you should be able ...