• Color Detector

    This item is basically an alternate version of the Comparator. Any dyed block (wool, concrete powder, concrete, shulker boxes, etc) cause the Color Detector to give off a signal. The strength of th...

  • Slime Repellent

    We need some way to prevent slimes from spawning. Here's my idea: have a certain block act as slime repellent, when placed in a slime chunk no slimes can spawn. I was thinking nether wart blocks co...

  • Limited Milk Supply

    You can drink milk twice before the bucket is empty Wonder what this is a reference to? Anyway I think it would make milk more useful since the burden of not being able to stack it tends to outweig...

  • Cloud Bricks

    A new building block that lets light pass through but players and mobs cannot see through it. Useful for building high in the sky without creating large shadows on the surface below. Crafted with f...

  • Charred Nether Brick

    A new building block, which looks like nether brick blocks but is black instead if dark purple. Great for building! Crafted using coal or charcoal and nether brick items.

  • Move Nether Wart to Brewing

    Move nether wart to the brewing section of the creative inventory Since you need it for almost every potion it makes more sense

  • /netherportal command

    A command to create a Nether Portal much like how pressing F4 used to work in alpha. Syntax: /netherportal x y z Creates a Nether Portal with the lower left corner at the specified coordinates. ...

  • Magpie

    A small bird mob that lives in Birch Forests. Like in real life, magpies in Minecraft will build their nests out of anything they can find. Breaking a Magpie Nest can drop any of the following: sti...

  • Jukeboxes wired to Note Blocks

    If you connect a Jukebox to a Note Block using redstone dust, the note block will play the song the jukebox is playing. This can extend the range of jukeboxes.

  • Diamond Doors

    Diamond Doors open automatically when you get close to them, no redstone or pressure plates needed! But it only works for players, dogs, cats, and parrots.