• End Runner

    So, what I'm thinking is *drumroll please*  the End needs more mobs. So, I came up with the Ender Runner. So, it's relatively similar to the Enderman (except for form and speed of course) So , on t...

  • Unlimited Enchantment Levels from Commands

    Can you make it so there is no limit to enchantment in commands?I really am hating these enchantment s like knockback 2 and Fire Aspect 1 and they are really weak so could you add no limit to encha...

  • Arrow Armor

    So basically this adds new armor to Minecraft that gives you special effects and adds three new effects such as Trueshot.That would be Arrow Armor,which gives you Trueshot,Arrowstorm,and Multishot.

  • Ultra End

     The Ultra End portal should be twelve iron blocks with 5 gold ingots in the middle.It should have new bosses:The Ender Runner,hp 300,damage 40,special effect speed 10 and the Ultra Ender Dragon,he...