Pascal Köhler

  • Glowing Dye

    If you craft glowing Dye (with glowstone dust and the dye, in Bedrock with the cauldron of course) You could dye your leather armor with a light emitting effect (not glowing effect!). It will have ...

  • Dropping name tags

    If a named animal dies, the name tag is gone and you have to search for an other. So Mojang, add the feature that dying animals are dropping the name tag!

  • Sound recognizer

    This block recognise sounds of walking players or note blocks and other things like moving pistons. But different to the observer it will give a signal based on how loud the signal is and give a ou...

  • Cooked Chorus Fruit

    This is like a normal Chorus Fruit, but it teleports you 5 blocks in the direction you are looking. But it already exist popped Chorus Fruits, so the popped Chorus Fruits you can make with a furnac...