• A nether update biome - The Lake of Blindness

    The lake of blindness is formed by a dark and seemingly harmless liquid. When you swim inside you get the blindness effect and you see only a slight light coming from the surface that allows you to...

  • Add a "Minecraft feedback" button

    This site need to be more famous so I think that a Minecraft feedback Button in the Launcher can be a fantastic idea  

  • arrows break the flowers

    When an arrow hits a flower or any plant taller than a block this should be dropped

  • The rock of souls - a nether update block

    the rock of souls is a type of nether stone that can be found in the subsoil of the soulsand valley. if broken it emits a chilling scream and a strange vapor that can be collected with the empty am...

  • Moose

    I think that Minecraft needs mooses. Once killed, they could give their horns to the player. And at Christmas a small group of them can have the skin of Rudolf!! --EAT-- Moose eat apples (@dheufb i...

  • Coffee - it's a good idea?

    The coffee serves for when you want to play and do very long work!Whit caffeine in fact you can see better at night and you will be stronger!However if you drink too much you will feel much more ti...

  • Climbing Potion

    You can make the potion of climbing using Spider's Eye and the spider web. whit this potion you can climb on the mountains!!